Commercial Brokerage

When buying or selling a business matters, contact the best!


Leasing and sales

  • Warehouse/Industrial/Retail/Shopping Centers

  • Multi-Family

  • Government Leasing/Construction Mgmt - GSA/VA

Build to Suits

Leasing and Sale Transactions

One of the jobs of commercial real estate brokers is to assist landlords and tenants looking to buy, lease or sublease office or retail space. Commercial real estate brokers negotiate favorable lease terms for their clients and help set rent and other fees based on real market research. Commercial real estate brokers will also track down high-quality tenants and, when working on behalf of a tenant, find the best deals on spaces that meet the specific needs of the tenant’s business.

Commercial Brokerage

Commercial brokers are professionals who assist their clients in buying, selling or leasing properties for commercial purposes, also known as commercial real estate brokers. Real estate brokers are similar to a real estate agents, but a commercial broker is licensed to manage their own real estate business, whereas the real estate agents must work with Real Estate Brokers.

What are the responsibilities of Commercial Real Estate Brokers?

  • Assisting clients in finding non-residential properties to run their business from.

  • Assisting property sellers to promote their properties to attract qualified buyers.

  • Providing professional guidance on agreements, mortgages, and market prices.

  • Drafting of all legal documents and contracts.

  • Coordinating exchanges of ownership between the parties.

  • Assisting with the negotiations between buyers and sellers.

  • Managing portfolios of rental properties.

  • Performing a wide range of marketing functions, such as: promoting properties by listing, writing advertisements, or arranging viewings.